If the FBI investigation does not find anything 100% conclusive, should Justice Kavanaugh be confirmed as a US Supreme Court Justice?

Republicans and democrats alike have said that if there is conclusive evidence against Justice Kavanaugh (either that he did indeed sexually assault women or if he lied in his Senate hearing) that he should not be confirmed as a US Supreme Court Justice. However, there is much debate on what should happen if the FBI investigation results are inconclusive. Common arguments that Kavanaugh should not be confirmed regardless of the outcome of the investigation include: his aggressive testimony seemed overly defensive and he did not display the even-keeled nature required for a lifetime appointement to the highest court in the country; his justifications of words from his yearbook did not seem credible and are inconsistent with popular slang definitions for “boofing” and “devil’s triangle,” and if he's lying about them he committed perjury to the US Senate, a felony and proved he's ok with lying in court; several witnesses coming forward seem credible enough to cast enough doubt; his blaming this on the Clintons and the democrats shows a strong partisan personality that could cloud his future judgements in court. Also, opponents of Kavanaugh feel that even if the FBI investigation isn't 100% conclusive, given that this is a lifetime appointment to the highest court in the country, we should consider all the signs enough of a negative signal to find another candidate. Common arguments for proceeding with Kavanaugh's confirmation include: he should be innocent unless proven guilty; ; if he did make inappropriate comments in his yearbook, drink too much at parties, pursue a range of sexually activities with girls etc., these were all done when he was in high-school and he shouldn't be judged by the careless behavior of a 16-year-old - rather he should be judged by his adult track record and his career; the highly partisan nature of this appointment and the current state of US politics created too great of an incentive for individuals, the media and politicians to exaggerate and promote unsubstantiated claims. Kavanaugh's supporters also feel his aggressive tone in the Senate hearings is justified given the perceived unfair and unproven allegations against his character and the ramifications for his career, family and life.

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