Is it possible to invest in development in Detroit in ways that appeal to both newcomers and long time residents of the city?

After watching the video on a type of genetic engineering called Gene Therapy, what are the Pros and Cons of using genetics to cure diseases?

I am a tourist guide me which is the best luxury clothing store for women in New York, Wall Street.

Is environmental racism merely a coincidence? Or, are these communities purposefully targeted for neglect?

Is defunding the police the right approach for the US?

Are school vouchers a good idea to improve our public schools?

Should California recall Governor Gavin Newsom?

Governor Abbott has rescinded mask mandates and all capacity restrictions on businesses. Effective March 10th, 2021 all businesses including restaurants, indoor concerts and sporting events will be allowed to open 100% and masks will not be required. Do you agree with Gov. Abbott's decision?

Should we become more reliant on nuclear power in the future as a greener, safer choice of fuel?

Does the desire (and to the some extent, even meaning) of Time Well Spent go against our slowly evolving & vulnerable brain, in attack from present tech?

Once the Coronavirus vaccine is widely available, should Texas public schools require teachers and students to be vaccinated (like we do for polio and measles)?

Was it right for Twitter, Facebook, etc. to permanently ban President Donald Trump from Social Media?


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