What should the U.S. do to respond to the Coronavirus threat?

Should the Federal Minimum Wage Be Increased?

Only humans should be allowed to make political contribution – no corporations, unions, special interest groups, or farm animals.

All campaign contributions by anyone for any thing should be immediately reported, easily researched and 100% transparent

Do you believe the two-party system is broken?

Should we continue to observe Daylight Saving Time?

Were are we with this coronavirus. Is it stabilizing, or getting worst.

How long do you think this Virius is gonna last and is it gonna be like he book of ELI

New York City Traffic Lights

Misdiagnosis of mental health issues in young children: could it be the cause of many mental health disorders?

Is it time to end the Electoral College?

Is the two political party system in the US still the best system for effective governance?


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