Do you agree with the practice of making certain cities Sanctuary Cities?

Should the government expand who is eligible to receive an H-1B visa? Why or why not?

Is the death penalty an effective crime deterrent?

Agree or disagree: DACA should be implemented as a law rather than remain an executive order?

Should the government make higher education free? Why or why not?

In leaving the Paris Agreement, is the United States taking the right stand in the global community on addressing climate change?

Are Charter Schools performing better than traditional schools?

Should the United States invest more in alternative energy?

How is society benefited/harmed when natural resources can be privatized?

What are the pros and cons of for profit prisons?

President Trump has ordered a building of a wall on the American-Mexican border. What do you believe to be the pros and cons of such an order?

Should we continue using cap and trade?


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