He should of been on the Supreme court a long time ago,the DEMOCRATS should be ashamed of what you did to a good man!!!Absolutely nothing but lies, you've done nothing but destroy two lives!!!Yes HE should!!!

If the FBI investigation does not find anything 100% conclusive, should Justice Kavanaugh be confirmed as a US Supreme Court Justice?

Should being an unrepentant sex abuser stop me from getting a job where the lives of millions hang on my very word?

Should vulgar lyrics such as "I'm a sick F#!k" be allowed on the radio?

Should people be allowed to print 3D guns in their homes, or anywhere they have access to 3D printing technology?

Gun Violence Prevention laws have been hard to enact, what are things we can do without legislation?

Did Nike make the right decision to use Colin Kaepernick in their latest "Just Do It" ad campaign?

Are you confident that you have enough Life Insurance?

Should more of the federal budget be given to research organization (NASA, universities, and other organizations)?

Should kids be required to say the full pledge of allegiance including the, "One Nation under God " Line?

Social Security

Venezuela has a 7.5 earthquake and the whole region is on tsunamis alert! I wonder if we'll be sending a Aircraft Carrier to the region to help?


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